It’s not often in life that you come home to a big box of sex toys on your doorstep, packaged up for your pleasure. I tell you now though that when you do, you know it’s going to be a good day. When it happened to me a few weeks ago, it wasn’t the first time in my life but it was definitely the most exciting. Here’s what went down:

For the last few years I’ve been on a mission to help people to have safe, sexy, empowering, liberating, and enthusiastically consensual sex. I’m done with fumbling my way through average encounters because I can’t bring myself to ask for what I want. Now I’m all about getting to know your own body, learning what makes you feel good, and feeling confident when you ask for it. So when plsrx asked me to write a blog about their new collection of sex toys it felt like a great fit.

I’m done with fumbling my way through average encounters because I can’t bring myself to ask for what I want.

The people at plsrx have a long history of designing and producing vibration technology (mmm…). They’ve been leading innovators in massage technology since 1987, and now they’re applying that expertise to “genital massaging” too! They told me they’d been making people feel good for 30 years and I was sold. Who better to hold your hand on your journey to toe curling orgasms? The best part was it sounded like they were as excited about their new venture as I was.

So cut back to me standing on my doorstep on a rainy Monday in June brandishing a box of brand spanking new sex toys, and that’s how this blog begins…


There are five toys in the plsrx collection: The Bullet, The Classic, The Rabbit, The Wand and The G Spot. If penetration is your thing, you’re well catered for. If you’re more about the external play they’ve got your back. The collection is specifically designed to feel magnificent if you have a vagina, but even if you don’t there’s lots for you here too, so keep reading!

The first thing I noticed as I was opening up the parcel was that the boxes were really bloody sexy – charcoal and pink and a really sexy texture. I wanted to put them on display somewhere (maybe I will!). Buying sex toys is often an act of self-care. It’s important to invest in your sexuality and your relationship with your body and I feel like plsrx understand that. Maybe it’s all those years making foot spas but this really feels like a pampering experience. Here’s what I found in my five sexy boxes:


This one’s a staple. I’ve had some version of the bullet in my bedside drawer for as long as I can remember. Whether you’re a sex toy novice or a seasoned pro, a bullet is small enough to carry around in your bag, super easy to use and it can pack a big punch. PLSRx have taken it one step further and made a bullet with two sleeves – a pointy one to concentrate the vibrations and a rounded one to distribute them further.


Another staple, the Classic is your go-to feel-good toy. It’s got a gentle curve and is designed to take your vag for a ride, but I can confirm it does just as well as an anal toy so don’t let your lack of vajayjay stop you from getting on board. And it’s ribbed for your pleasure!


The Rabbit is a classic all-rounder – it works hard to give you everything you need for a deeply satisfying orgasm (I like to call it “hands free”). If you’ve never come with a tiny silicone bunny tickling your clit (or, if you turn it around, your anus), you’re missing out.


If you love your clit, this one’s for you. It’s got a “low” and a “high” setting along with seven different vibration patterns that will make your eyes roll back in your head. The Wand has quite a heavy duty vibrate function so if you don’t usually go in for this kind of thing start out with the Bullet and work your way up. This isn’t just for me though – I can make my boyfriend come in minutes just by holding it against his penis.


This is for finding that deep orgasm you’ve been looking for your whole life. If you’re new to the world of sex toys try the classic first, but if you’re a seasoned enthusiast and you’re looking for something bigger and bolder this bad boy is the one.

This blog will be your guide to the plsrx collection. If you want to talk about sex, sexuality, intimacy, masturbation, loving your body and feeling like an all round deity then keep coming back because this is the place for you.

Written by: Jess Bolton

Jess Bolton is a writer and self-proclaimed sex toy enthusiast on a mission to demystify good sex. Her method? Talking detail about the ins and outs of sex and sexuality, without shying away from the icky stuff. When she’s not making her mum cringe you’ll find her munching hash browns or flying her drone in Victoria park.

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