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The rabbit has been a sex toy staple since 1983. Its cute bunny ears made it an instant success, but PLSRx has given it an upgrade. Their rabbit features the same dual-action vibration designed to make your whiskers tingle but they’ve stripped back the design for a smoother, sleeker experience (but it’s still clit-ticklingly cute).

How Does It Work?

The idea behind The Rabbit is simple but timeless: it’s a normal vibrator with a clit-stim attached so that you can hit your G Spot and your clitoris at the same time. It’s like the holy grail of sex toys if you will. The Rabbit has three different vibration intensities so you can start at the bottom and work your way up.

Turn your rabbit on and it’ll purr happily all over. Press the button once and the rabbit will switch off, leaving just the shaft vibrating. Press it again and they’ll swap. Keep pressing the button and you’ll go through a cycle of different vibration combinations. There’s one for every mood so you’ll never get bored.

The Rabbit is rechargeable so you can plug it in next to your bed while you sleep and comes with a cable that’ll keep it buzzing for up to two hours of play. It’s also water resistant so can take it in the tub for some lazy evening self-care.

How Should I Use It?

I’ve had my rabbit for months and I’m still finding new ways of using it. Here are some ideas:

  • Hands-Free

The Rabbit is designed to be a snug fit, so you can pop it in, switch it on and have your hands are free to get up to mischief. It’ll stay put if you’re lying down, standing up or even doing jumping jacks (I haven’t tested this one – let me know if you do)

  • Enhanced Anal

If you’re having penetrative anal sex, spice it up a bit by giving your rabbit a go at the same time. You’ve got all bases covered! Be warned though, it might be short-lived – you’ll come in about 15 seconds)

  • Get Down

If you’re going down on your partner, slide The Rabbit inside you first and see if you can time it so that you both have an orgasm at the same time.

  • Share the Fun

If you’re all alone and missing your partner, text them and tell them you’re spending some quality time with your rabbit. Involve them by asking them to give you instructions. Whatever they tell you to do, do it. You can even FaceTime them or send them some cheeky photos so they can tell you’re following orders.

  • Tease Yourself

Use the vibrate patterns to tease yourself. Bring yourself close to orgasm and then turn down the vibrate. Make yourself work for it!

What People are Saying

“The box was nice, unlike the previous rabbit I had and the product looked cute. Then I turned it on, put it in and cute was not on my mind. Damn those patterns were good and the ears bit was proper powerful.”

We can vouch for this! Don’t be fooled by the cute exterior – this bunny means business.

The ergonomics of the toy mean it sits conformably and doesn’t move when I do so I’m able to my change positioning without breaking stimulation.

What did we tell you? Hands-free! The curvy design of this toy makes it look sexy and cute at the same time (everyone’s dream), but it’s built like that for a reason. Once it’s inside you it feels like it’s really in tune with your body.

“I would buy a whole basket of them to make sure that even if it broke I had another one.”

This is actually an excellent idea. 10/10 would recommend.

Do yourself a favour this International Rabbit Day and get your hands one of these bunnies.

You won’t regret it, we promise!

Written by: Jess Bolton

Jess Bolton is a writer and self-proclaimed sex toy enthusiast on a mission to demystify good sex. Her method? Talking detail about the ins and outs of sex and sexuality, without shying away from the icky stuff. When she’s not making her mum cringe you’ll find her munching hash browns or flying her drone in Victoria park.
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