About PLSRx

Explore your natural instinct to be curious.

You might not realize, but you’ve known us for a while, just not as PLSRx…! Having an expertise in UK and international homes for over 25 years.

We at HoMedics are widely recognized for our range of home massage products and a line of in-home wellness products that are uniquely designed to promote your wellbeing. We initially started off with a mission to de-stress and relax your mind, body and soul.

With a legacy of massage and innovation, we aim to bring technology and wellbeing together. With the hope to move and grow further, we have expanded our knowledge and experience towards sexual wellbeing with the launch of our new range of intimate toys for your sensuality, curiosity and pleasure! Giving this the importance it deserves and making your body feel at its best, we aim to build a community of self-loving individuals.

We understand it’s a personal experience and our aim is to empower that pleasure in whatever way you feel best. Find yours, with PLSRx by HoMedics! Let it stand for what you want it to be, Pleaser, Pleasure, Pulser!


What does PLSRx mean?

Whatever you want it to mean. Your idea of the ultimate pleasure is hard to describe to anyone else, and you shouldn’t have to.

pleaser, pleasure, pulser – we’ve heard them all.

Explore your natural instinct to be curious, ready for new sensations and more incredible ways to feel good. It’s about finding time to get to know yourself that little bit more, what you like, what you really like and what you don’t – and knowing that’s ok too.

It’s a personal experience and we get that. Whatever PLSRx stands for, we can help you discover yours.