About PLSRx

We believe in sensuality, curiosity and pleasure.

Our story? We’ve been making people feel good for over 30 years. A legacy of massage and innovation, bringing technology and wellbeing together.

Designing beautiful products for beautiful people, these are made for you.

Sure, you might not have them on display but, we know it’s important
for your most intimate toys to look the way you want them to feel.

What does PLSRx mean?

Whatever you want it to mean. Your idea of the ultimate pleasure is hard to describe to anyone else, and you shouldn’t have to.

pleaser, pleasure, pulser – we’ve heard them all.

It’s a personal experience and we get that. Whatever PLSRx stands for, we can help you discover yours.


Explore your natural instinct to be curious, 

ready for new sensations and more incredible ways to feel good.

It’s about finding time to get to know yourself that little bit more,

what you like, what you really like and what you don’t – and knowing that’s ok too.